Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eating your own dogfood

I, and likely many of the readers of these posts, are security consultants and provide security recommendations to our clients in one way or another. As we continue to tell other people how to be secure, we must not forget that we have to take our own advice. Just consider the business risk of a security company suffering a security breach! Not exactly a top selling point on your sales slick sheet

From the article:
A local business owner is on the hook for a $52,000 phone bill after his voice-mail system was hacked and hundreds of calls were made to Bulgaria. Alan Davison, who owns HUB Computer Solutions, noticed something was wrong when "feature 36" -- a message unknown to him -- kept popping up on his phone.
Fraud is a pain and will no doubt require substantial follow-up to resolve the situation. However, the bigger issue may be convincing customers to still buy the IT security and VOIP consulting services offered by HUB Computer Solutions.

-Michael Coates