Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WebScarab Methods

I always lose the link to WebScarab methods. I thought I'd post the info here for myself, and anyone else who happens to need this info too.

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The Message class provides the following methods, which are common to both the Request and Response classes:

Request & Response have the following methods:
  • String[] getHeaderNames()
  • String getHeader(String name)
  • void setHeader(String name, String value)
  • void addHeader(String name, String value)
  • void deleteHeader(String name)
  • NamedValue[] getHeaders()
  • void setheaders(NamedValue[] headers)
  • byte[] getContent()
  • void setContent(byte[] content)

The Request class adds the following methods:

  • String getMethod()
  • void setMethod(String method)
  • HttpUrl getURL()
  • void setURL(HttpUrl url)
  • void setURL(String url) throws MalformedURLException
  • String getVersion()
  • void setVersion(String version)

The Response class adds the following methods:

  • String getVersion();
  • void setVersion(String version);
  • String getStatus();
  • void setStatus(String status);
  • String getMessage();
  • void setMessage(String message);
  • String getStatusLine();

-Michael Coates