Friday, December 11, 2009

Droid Jail Break Released

Jail break code has been released for the new Motorola Droid phone running on Verizon network. The code works for Droid running on Android 2.0 or Android 2.0.1.

Unlike the iPhone, the Android platform is designed to be open. So it will be interesting to see what additional benefits are provided by jail breaking the droid.

A few things to consider before you jail break your droid.
  • You put all sorts of sensitive data in that phone.
  • The phone is linked to your credit card. A malicious app that calls up Cambodia each night will cost you $$$.
  • Do you trust that code you are installing on your phone? If it works as described, jail breaking will remove whatever barriers were left on an already open phone. More information is needed, but there is a potential that you are putting yourself at more risk by doing this.
  • (Unrelated to jail breaking) Please secure whatever apps you do end up installing. It really was pretty bad when people jail broke the iPhone and installed SSH with the default root password.

-Michael Coates