Monday, January 11, 2010

Facebook Implements AppSensor Like Trend Monitoring

Facebook has focused its resources on monitoring user-generated content and detecting traffic spikes from Web applications tied into its framework. He said the popular social network now has the ability to take action if its systems detect an unusual surge in messages sent in a short period of time, or messages with links that could potentially send users to attack websites. [article]
It looks like applications are starting to get on board with application based intrusion detection and prevention. We talked about trend monitoring, web detection and attack detection at OWASP AppSec DC with the AppSensor presentation: Defend Yourself: Integrating Real Time Defenses into Online Applications [presentation pdf]

Any facebook security folks out there? The OWASP AppSensor team is happy to join forces with you on your attack detection & prevention efforts.

Interested in checking out a live demo application utilizing AppSensor attack detection? Check out

-Michael Coates