Monday, August 16, 2010

Mozilla at OWASP AppSecUSA

Several Mozilla employees will be attending this year's OWASP AppSecUSA event held in Irvine, CA (Sept 7-10).  OWASP conferences focuse entirely on application security and are considered the premier event for this area of security.

I encourage you to check out the event and considering attending yourself. This conference is great for developers, security engineers, and anyone interested in the rapidly growing field of application security.

I will be presenting on Friday on the integration of ESAPI and AppSensor. I will also be discussing how AppSensor ideas are being integrated into Mozilla applications for real time attacker detection.  In addition, Mozilla will be tending a booth with demos and information on Content Security Policy, a great security addition to Firefox that will be coming soon. Stop by, say hello, and find out how you can leverage CSP in your websites.

Conference registration link

-Michael Coates