Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Security 101 OWASP Community

A few weeks back I posted a thread in the OWASP leaders community regarding several security talks I'd presented at various developer groups.  The talks individually went great, but I left with a feeling that I'd missed an opportunity to establish a continued method of interacting with the new group. We'd covered lots of new security topics and there would mostly likely be continued questions or discussion over the coming days.

In response we've now created security101@lists.owasp.org. This OWASP mailing list has been created with the specific purpose of helping individuals new to security with basic security questions.  The goal is to have a place where any type of new security question could be asked.  The answer could be a brief explanation of security concepts or perhaps a link to existing OWASP material or presentations on the topic.  And if we don't have OWASP material available, that's a good indication we've got a gap to address.

So, if you're new to security and have a question, please jump in.  If you've got some cycles to help out we need you too. 


-Michael Coates - @_mwc