Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Web Security Training with OWASP ZAP

Just a few weeks back I presented at Beaver Bar Camp in Corvalis, Portland.  I provided an introduction to web security with OWASP Broken Web App VM and OWASP ZAP.  Students learned about common application security vulnerabilities and secure design patterns.

The training lab included the following components and I distributed it to students via USB drives:

Slides and setup instructions are available at the following link:

-Michael Coates - @_mwc

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  1. The Web Security Dojo project I run has all this installed and integrated ahead of time, and might help you minimize setup problems. You can find it on sourceforge, or dojo.mavensecurity.com.

    We built it for our own training classes, and I have used it for local OWASP presentations also. I know a few other people and organizations use it in their training classes.

    We'd be happy to consider adding any targets and tools you might find helpful.


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